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Choose the best g’s connection out of the two.

With the upcoming of digitalization everyone seems to be busy with their gadgets. These sophisticated gadgets are acting like a big boon to mankind. All their necessary and pleasurable works are successfully carried out with their smart phones. World is heading towards M-commerce where most of the works will be done on your shortest device i.e. cell phones.

This dependency on them has made a man to become their slaves. You can be the master only if you know how to manage it. Rule its powers with the help of the connectivity speed it posses. 3g and 4g connection of iiNet landing, both are the versions of connectivity and maximum population is aware of these two terms. To understand it better, suppose you go to the market to purchase a new cell phone but obvious you will end up buying the latest or the higher version of mobiles. In the same way 4g is the upgraded speed connectivity which will soon engulf the Tec savvy peoples.

3g refers to third generation mobile network which runs at the speed of 144kbps. Every new generation brings in more improved workings with enhanced and advanced features. 3g is prevailing worldwide whereas 4g is the upcoming speed connectivity which is spreading like an epidemic. It is preferred by maximum users because of its fast speed and swift downloading.

4g and 3g connection of iiNet Landing has provided pace to internet connection which is very important these days. Nobody has time to wait for hours till the loading finishes up. 4g connection will help in making swift downloading. Very less time will be spent on waiting. 4g is emerging as the hot mobile network technology. At some places it may be referred as LTE which means long term evolution. Name is different but both serve the same purpose.

Have you ever experienced that long hours waiting time? How you felt when it consumes lot of time for your video or movie to get downloaded at your device? Bid a goodbye to all those time consuming buffering. With this new technology your mobile will work at faster speed and it has grabbed popularity because of its quality of fast workings and connectivity.

The best time to switch for 4g from 3g is when your 3g has frustrated you with slow data. At that time 4g is the most suitable option which you must aim at. Remember 4g do not cover call drops as they all run at older networks and it will take some time for them to switch to LTE voice over which will take few years to start up with.

Incase you are the person who believes in future then 4g is exactly a right thing for you to choose for. Maximum carriers are spending money it now and needless to say that presently it is the wisest choice to select it as your medium of carrier. Moreover if you are running with 2g or 3g then too need not worry they are supported by 4g phones as well.


Crack the best deal at iiNet mobile data landing

Youth brigade is crazy about the internet and its connectivity, perhaps they have not learned how to wait. But why should they wait when they are born in technology era where technology has offered so many helpful devices to mankind to help them with their pleasure and working needs. Almost every person is using mobile these days. You may see people moving from one place to another while actively working on their hand set.

Apart from calling from this hand set, this handy tool has made entry into the business world and the day is not far when we will soon enter into M-commerce. Most of deals will be finalized at mobile phones only. For this entire special and outstanding working need one has to get a mobile connectivity to his device. You may be using prepaid or post paid payment method for data usage for working at your mobile phones.

iiNet prepaid mobile data landing will keep you connected with your friends, traders and clients. You will be able to complete your maximum work through your hand set. For successful execution of your task you need a prepaid mobile data landing. iiNet prepaid mobile data landing will help you with many facilities.

There are numerous data plans to choose from one can buy according to his needs and requirements. Every data usage will allow the user to use certain limits of GBs which solely depends on the customer’s usage. People with maximum downloads should opt for higher GBs plans which will take care of their requirements.

When a person starts downloading something or when he access net on his device his devices immediately starts downloading and due to this downloading his MBS are consumed which he has purchased in his net pack. These MBs when used, sums up to GBs, thus, finishing the GB pack at the end of data usage which he has purchased.

There are some packages offered by iiNet’s prepaid mobile data landing which allow extra downloading depending on the plan which the customer has purchased. Every service provider wishes to give maximum benefits to the clients so that they can use more of it. Every single click will consume few data and with continuous use of net the entire data pack ends up within the stated period.

In the case of prepaid data plan the person pays in advance for the pack which he has preferred to buy, but with post paid card the usage data is added to the user’s mobile bill and paid accordingly. Time to time company offers special offers to the user like in the case of festival season. As the data usage increases during festival seasons more benefits are provided to them.

Apart from giving a cheap offer of prepaid mobile data there could be an extra benefit of reduced call cost. A person enjoys data pack along with low call rates. Special offers are offered on daily basis for special numbers which can be opted for while getting your mobile recharged pre paidly.

Training Station

Training Station – Making The Most Of Your Customer Base

If you want to be sure that you are being a good steward of your customer base, it will boil down to the tools that you have at your disposal. In that regard, there are few tools better than the Salesforce platform. This platform provides you with a great opportunity to take this experience to the next level as long as you use it to the best of your ability and work to reap the benefits of it. In that regard, keep reading so that you can gain an appreciation of the benefits that you will receive by using the Training Station to manage Salesforce.

 The Platform Is Intuitive And Easy To Learn

If you want to take advantage of sales force, you will be in luck because it is incredibly easy to jump in and get started today. This is one of the easiest to learn interfaces that you will ever take part in. It is completely graphical and easy to figure out even if you have never used a platform such as this one before. You will be able to jump right in and start making a difference with your customers today.

 The Training Station Is Powerful And Filled With Extras

There are plenty of extras that you will be able to take advantage of when it comes to Training Station and the Salesforce platform. This will allow you to send mass emails, remain organized with your customers and upgrade the way that you communicate with them. Since customer service is a huge priority for any business, you can consider sales force a valuable tool for taking your business to the next level. There are also a number of training opportunities with the platform that you can take advantage of in order to learn how to make the most out of it.

 The Platform Is Filled With Plenty Of Support

Finally, you will enjoy that there is plenty of support to be gained by using salesforce. For instance, there are user forms and even YouTube channels that will help you learn the ropes of it. This way, you will never feel as though you were left alone. You can also take part in a number of continued educational opportunities, including webinars. Once you sign up, you will be well on your way toward joining the community of people who have begun using this platform.

As you can tell, you will add a lot of firepower to your business by learning from the Training Station and adopting the Salesforce platform. By using it to the best of your ability, you will be able to truly take your business to the next level. However, if this is what you are looking for, you should also seek some training opportunities from companies that will show you the best way to take advantage of this platform. Follow the points in this article and you will always be able to reap the benefits of Salesforce and use it on your terms.



Are you a smart buyer of a smart phone?

Cell phones have successfully captured enough space in everybody’s pocket, hand and purses as well. Most of our works are completed through this amazing device. We depend so much on them that we can hardly think about our life without them, now. Can you imagine that horrible day when your handset stops functioning and you urgently go to the market for a new handset which you require. Before you make a smart purchase of handset look out for certain tips and tricks which will help you buy the best phone.

Firstly you should decide the price range within which you wish to own your phone. That is the most important factor you should consider. There are ample variety of smart phones all decked up in the market, analyze  your point to buy the reasonable smart phone which is laced with advanced features and not-to-mention it should serve your purpose of purchase as well.

Secondly, do a little bit of search which will help you to buy the best deal. Cell phone shop like iiNet landing displays ample variety of cell phone you can search your most preferred hand set from there. In most of phones which people wish to buy must be loaded with new updated apps which help them in their life apart from well defined picture quality and focused camera. One of the important things which the buyer need not forget to check is its storage capacity and the additional SD card to it. This feature will help you with your ample picture, videos and movies downloading and storing them for future.

Thirdly, Best of all to know the resale value of your phone, thus selected. Make sure that the phone you purchased gives you returns in future. You may wish to buy another handset after sometime and at that time your investment on this phone will pay you off. You should be clear about the features which you want in your hand set. This will help you in avoiding payment of extra money for the features you don’t need. Don’t over spend money for the device which proves of no use to you in future.

Fourthly, buying a new smart phone is just like buying something much dearer as most of your task will be handled by it and as it will help you get connected with your friends as well, you enter into a personal relationship with it. You feel attached to it and wish to carry it where ever you go. As your this investment is going to stay with you for coming years make sure that it is of good looks which you are comfortable to carry with.

Last but not the least, always tries to buy the latest model from cell phone shop like iiNet landing as you are aware that every now and then new models are introduced into the market providing ample choice to the customers. So if you purchase an old version then you can think pretty well how far it will go with you?


Connectivity and file transfer both rightly met at Hosting Raja

Life has been completely changed by technology. It has provided enormous benefits which were not in dreams but are experienced by mankind in their real life. Every change brings many positive changes and this change is always in progress and is helping people with its ample benefits. This technology has helped much business organization worldwide by transforming idea into effective applications and brands.

Hosting raja is one such name which has emerged as a dedicated service provider starting from beginners and to the established organizer as well. It is a data center which has helped various business organizations across the world in laying strong foundation in the business world through the medium of World Wide Web.



It also facilitates in organizing the servers by providing services like online and other assistance relating to the services which will indeed boost up the business through webpage hosting. For that high capacity and uninterrupted facility, Hosting Raja is the most trusted name which will meet all your requirements and will never let you down. You are just a call away from availing these wonderful; and amazing services. It provides 24/7 technical support. You can choose various options of getting connected to it. Live chat, E-mail and call support all is available at your disposal. Moreover you can interact in 12 regional languages and needless to say all the queries are rightly met within 24 hours.

The team consists of friendly and dedicated experts who are always ready to serve with their expert advices to the customers. Needless to say the support is made available round the clock. It will provide you with continuous internet connectivity that you will not miss out any important download or work. Hosting raja is famous for those flawless services which won’t let you down.

Services offered by the service provider is the web page and file hosting. Loading is useless if not backed with continuity. These files can be easily and more securely can be transferred through protocol to any other web page. This is done within no time and minimal processing. The charges for this amazing service very much depend on the size and the type of protocol. Hosting Raja has a plan for everyone and the user can choose the most suitable one according to his needs.




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AWeber vs GetResponse – A Detailed Comparison of 2 Email Marketing Platforms

GetResponse and Aweber are tools for organizing your mailing list; create attractive templates for the newsletter and sending newsletters to your subscribers. They also allow you to automate your communications to subscribers through ‘automatic responses’. These are used to provide subscribers with newsletters at predefined intervals – for example, immediately after enrolling, a subscriber may receive a simple welcome of its business; a week later they could receive a discount coupon for some of their property; three weeks later they could receive an incentive to keep social media, etc. That’s just the starting point though: e-newsletter tools like these allow you to do lots of other amazing things.


  • Select the ‘campaign selector’ under the navigation bar, it provides you the option to create a new campaign.
  • Add a campaign name.
  • The campaign is created; now edit your campaign settings before adding contacts.


  • You are directed towards the personalize setting once all your information is added over here.
  • The final step in the list setup process is to customize your confirmation settings.


While setting GetResponse definitely gives you more options (specifically in the campaign settings) and is relatively simple. But Aweber setup is more simple and easy to work upon.

You cannot pass a straight step by step process, especially if you just started with email marketing. In terms of setting up Aweber is simpler than the GetResponse.



 There are more than 500 email templates available in various categories.

All categorized so you can find a template that fits with your business, but more likely a long list of other categories might work as well.


AWeber also has over 500+ email templates, also under several different categories.

An interesting thing is that some of the recent e-mail templates have carved as popular WordPress themes.

This includes Parallax StudioPress Pro and even the subject of Derek Halpern Social triggers.

I can understand the motivations behind this; it does help provide a consistent experience. Well, that’s if you use one of the issues that have been used.


Both contains responsive email templates and both have more than 500+ templates. Therefore in terms of the emailing templates both are equally good.


The create news-letter option helps to code the emails as you like.



In Aweber we call it “Broadcasts”, what we call “newsletters” in the GetResponse.


Different versions of your emails can be tested through the split testing in the segments of your data and send the best performance for the rest of your database. GetResponse proves out to be slightly ahead when split testing – which allows you to test up to 5 variants of electronic newsletters in comparison Aweber tests only 4. Both GetResponse and Aweber provide a more complete functionality testing than their rival MailChimp, which essentially only allows you to test a simple a / B and involves only subject header sender and send time – Aweber and GetResponse do not have any restrictions, allow fully tested different versions of your mail on your data.


Create an automatic response by clicking on the ‘Messages’ tab on the main navigation bar.

It also provides the option to select which event will trigger automatic response.

You may use the “time-based” and other features to email the offers at the right time.


In Aweber you are limited to only “time-based” auto-responder.

Final saying for AUTO-RESPONDER

In Aweber the follow up mails directly gets emailed to your list when they’re added, unless you contact support and this is a serious flaw. Therefore GetResponse wins the verdict for the AutoRespondent.


The feature “send time optimization” which not yet available in the Aweber has been recently launched by the GetResponse. Send time optimization automatically sends emails at the time that it is likely to be opened. – GetResponse looks at his list of subscribers and their email habits testing and makes this call on your behalf. If you can live with using this extremely supportive type of technology then, according to GetResponse, you can expect an average improvement of 23% open rates and an average improvement of 20% in click-through rates.


Both Aweber and GetResponse offer a good range of tools to help create, maintain and communicate with a database of email; even if you are not all that technically minded, you should not have too much difficulty using to manage their electronic communications. As are priced very similar tools, equally impressive, it’s hard to declare a clear winner here; however, I believe that together, GetResponse is probably the best product value, for the following reasons:

You can sign up for a free trial without entering credit card.

It is generally more competitive prices (especially if your subscriber list contains between 500 and 1,000 records).

18% discount is available if you pay for the product in an annual rather than monthly

Offering wider choices split testing

It comes with an integrated destination page creator

Its new “send time optimization ‘has the potential to improve your open rates and clicks.

The main reasons for choosing Aweberis a little more number of templates which are definitely a little more attractive and integrates a little easily with some other tools.


Apple unveils iPhone 6 and iWatch, Cupertino, California, America - 09 Sep 2014


On September 9, 2015, Apple Inc. showed the world what it had in store in terms of its next version of the iPhone along with many other premium Apple products. The Cupertino based brand has been known to produce high end smartphones for those who love the best in technology. With the launch of the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, the prices of the previous versions of the iPhone may reduce. Listed below is the Apple iPhone Price List of the currently available models in the market along with their tech specs:

  • iPhone 6 Plus

This phone rules the market with its amazing specs and design. The iPhone 6 Plus was launched in three variants: 16, 64, and 128 GB. The lowest GB variant costs about Rs.50000. With a 5.5” LED screen, the resolution of 1920 x 1080p seems even better. The Oleophobic coating works to prevent smudges on the screen. The phone is powered by Apple’s very own A8 chip, and uses 64 bit system architecture to give the best user experience. The phone is equipped with what most would term ‘as the world’s best camera phone’. The primary camera is the 8 megapixel iSight camera, while the secondary camera is 1.2 megapixels. The front camera allows the user to use Apple’s FaceTime video calling. Apple understands the user’s need for security and hence has incorporated Touch ID which recognizes the user’s fingerprints to unlock the phone or to make secured purchases. It supports 4G connectivity. Siri, the voice assistant, aids the user with multitasking amongst many other things. The phone offers twenty four hours of talk time on 3G.

  • iPhone 6

The 16 GB variant of the iPhone 6 is priced at an approximate Rs.45000. Not unlike the 6 Plus, this phone too makes use of Touch ID for security measures. It uses the same A8 processor as the 6 Plus. The camera is the same as that on the iPhone 6 Plus. The major difference between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is the screen size, with the former being a smaller 4.7” screen with a lesser 1334x750p resolution. The battery is different, providing a talk time of about fourteen hours on 3G.

  • iPhone 5S

Another very popular premium phone, the iPhone 5S is available in only two options- 16 or 32 GB. The 16 GB variant of the iPhone 5S costs about Rs.35, 000. It sports a 4” screen with a display resolution of 1136x640p and a pixel density of 326 ppi. It uses a relatively obsolete A7 chip which nevertheless ensures smooth and efficient processing and multitasking. It also uses the M7 motion coprocessor. It has the same camera as the iPhone 6 Plus models, except for the OIS feature. It too has the Touch ID security feature.

  • iPhone 5C

Only the 8 GB variant of the iPhone 5C is available in the market today in blue, red, green, and yellow colours. It is a 4” phone with an A6 chip. It is priced at roughly Rs.25000 and provides a talk time of around ten hours on 3G.

Grab one of these Apples and see how smooth and easy the smartphone is to use which will definitely make you want to stay away from the other smartphones!



Let the fun rolls down your ears through I-phone 6s earphones.

Smart phone has changed the lifestyles of many people and the youth brigade is opting for Iphone because of its best music quality. There couldn’t be any wonderful experience like listening your favorite songs on I-phone and that too with its eye catching earphones.

The advanced technology of I-phone 6s earphone is loaded with the spiral pipe sound chamber which enhances the audible quality of the music. Tuning mode is made professional to meet the super quality and its microphones helps in low distractions and is capable of providing clear call quality.

To further facilitate the music lover the earphone for smart phone are made corrosion resistant rightly brushed with anodized and aluminum. It posses ever lasting color which makes it more durable and user friendly. Apart from these wonderful qualities the user gets 3 extra pairs of silicon earplugs which can also used later on. These extra silicon earplugs will make way for many other family members to use earphone who can change and modify the earplugs by simply adding these extra silicon earplugs.


No wonder all time favorite black color is what the need of the hour, as this color is stylish and is always the first choice of every accessory lover. Another wonderful quality of this earphone is that it helps in switching the song, thus giving full freedom to listen the song of one’s choice.

We all are aware of consequences of loud music but with, Iphone 6s earphone we can easily deal with this problem. Not only the earphones are fully equipped with voice quality, they are well versed in noise cancellation. This makes it more invincible. Needless to say earphone for Iphone smart phone is a great combination of awesome music and long term durability.


Top 4 Huawei Smartphones to suit every pocket

One of the recent entrants in the Indian smartphone market, Huawei, the Chinese brands has firmly established its ground as one of the best budget smartphone brands in India. The wide range of models in the budget segment has been a huge hit among the Indian smartphone users, thanks to its awesome features and an incredibly affordable price. If you are looking to buy a smartphone with good quality camera, awesome display, decent storage space, high speed performance, but have only a limited budget, you can consider buying any of the below mentioned 4 models that are priced under 20K


Huawei Honor 4C

The Huawei Honor 4C features a 5 inch IPS LCD touch screen with HD resolution. The 294 ppi pixel density offers amazing quality display that make the colors appear vibrant and sharp. In terms of Hardware, the Honor 4C model comes loaded with a 1.2 GHz octa-core processor and 2GB RAM. It runs on Android v 4.4.2 KitKat OS. For users who like to multi-task and run different applications simultaneously can be assured of high speed performance without any lag. The phone also boasts of a 13 MP camera with LED Flash, panorama and face detection features. All these features come at a nominal price of Rs. 11,999 (approx). If you are intrigued by the features, you can buy this phone from online store like Paytm. Before you pay the price make sure that you check Paytm offers first, you can get discount coupons that would help you save to 20% or more on the original market price.


Huawei Honor 4X

This is one of the most popular models that are a huge hit among the Indian consumers. The mobile offers everything that a modern day smartphone buyer would look for, it has impressive battery life, good memory capacity, powerful performance, 4G connectivity, awesome camera and above all affordable price. The mobile priced at Rs. 11, 300 (approx.) is an excellent purchase and you can be sure of getting full value for your money.


Huawei Honor Holly

If you are looking for a functional smartphone that doesn’t burn your pockets, Hauwei Honor Holly would perfectly suit your needs and fit within your budget. Priced at Rs. 8,199 (approx. price) this phone is a great buy considering its amazing hardware specifications and other features. The phone runs on Android KitKat out of the box and boasts of a 1.3 GHZ processor and 1 GB RAM. The phone also boasts of a powerful battery 2,000 that lasts almost full day with mixed usage.


Huawei Honor Bee

This is another spectacular budget phone from the Huawei range, priced at Rs. 4,499, this phone comes with superb features that would be hard to find in any other phone with similar price. It has a 4.5 inch TFT multi touch screen with a decent display resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. It runs on Android KitKat OS out of the box. The 8 MP rear camera has autofocus and dual LEF flash light features that lets you click supreme quality pictures even in low light conditions. For selfie lovers, there is 2 MP camera on the front side, which can also be used as web camera for video calls.