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Apple’s new launch of Apple watch and its specifications

Apple is a multinational company that creates computer hardware, computer software, and portable devices like mobile phones and music players. Apple vends their products all around the world. Apple calls their devices with different names like, computer – Macintoshes or Macs, laptops – MacBook’s, Mobile Music players – iPod, Smartphone – iPhone, and Tablet – iPad. Apple Inc. used to be called Apple Computer, Inc.

Apple now launches its new invention called Apple Watch and it is the first wearable device invented by Apple.  It comes with impressive look and more features.

People are choosier when they’re selecting watches. Because everyone like to be look smart in their attires. Apart from style, look and brand, features are more important. Under all these specification Apple designed this Apple watch.

Design & Fitting:

Selecting a watch is very personal. For most of us that’s just checking to make sure the following things like the band is quality or not? Is it has enough holes in to be able to comfortably hold? Is it looking smart? Is it fit onto our wrist? Etc…So Apple set out to make Apple watch something different you will love to use it every day.

Totally 38 Apple Watch models are available. Fittings are important. Apple Watch has two different sizes: the smaller 38mm and the larger 42mm.  It has several different types of bands: a fluoroelastomer sport band, the Milanese loop, and the $449 Link Bracelet. The $449 Link Bracelet wasn’t adjusted, so it hung rather loosely on wrist but Sport model is weighed light, so it’ll be comfortable to wear. That’s a lot of choice – more than Apple has given us in recent years, with three shades of the iPhone, iPad and new MacBook. And each watch comes with one magnetic charger.

Selling a watch is noticeably more difficult than selling a phone; not everyone wants or needs one, and even fewer are willing to trial and buy this.

Apple watch’s size and location is suitable on your wrist. This watch has all new interfaces and technologies. Apple watches do the aware things more swift and appropriate. Plus some things that merely weren’t possible earlier.

For the introduction of a new technology product from Apple, unfortunately, the fittings are all about the look, rather than the function.


Apple watch has a feature, which is used to maintain our body fit & healthy. Fitness is not just about doing exercise; it’s also about being active throughout the day. So Apple watch measures all the ways you move, taking the stairs, or playing with your kids. Each and every move is counting and it all adds up.

The next important feature is that we can communicate with others in a more efficient way. It allows us to send message and keep up in e-mails and also we can express ourselves using emoji
(liven up your text messages with tiny smiley faces).

An important feature that makes Apple Watch unique from other products is the time keeping feature. Apple Watch has the most accurate time piece; it shows the most accurate time. And it also connects you to the calendar and contacts.

Apple Watch has more interfaces that help you shop. You can buy groceries and other things and pay for it using Apple pay.


It has too many options that make it overwhelming. For the record it has 2 million ways to customize the Watch.

They have changed the way of navigation by pinching the Digital crown to zoom and out even though it is a big change to touch screen navigation it brings a large number complaint from those who spend time with the Apple Watch.

The navigation systems have changed and that brings lot of confusions in using it to do right things ends up in a wrong things.

The use case for the Watch is not clearly defined, as we can see Apple have making products looks like a jewel.

And most of all the low battery life and the price have been the biggest drawbacks we can see in Apple’s latest release Apple Watch.



Find The Simply Way To Obtain Valuable Security Options

In this stylish world, each and every people prefer Smartphone because it allows them to utilize various valuable platforms such as social media, emails and etc. It also allows the user to do various things in an easier manner. With this outstanding technology, you can connect with various people at anytime. In order to enhance the user’s convenience, there are thousands of android apps introduces that contains remarkable security features. If you like to know about the wonderful technology apps, you can follow the passage that helps you to know effective features of new security based android apps.


Facts behind useful Redphone

It is one of the useful security apps which is entirely similar as textsecure. The new Android apps come with certain special features so it has ability to protect your calls by implementing the encryption operation. In order to afford the benefits, the new technology properly works with accessible dialer as well as your contact number. With this effective process, the technology effectively alters the users when any other Redphone user is connected through the line. After that, the app automatically encrypts that particular call in order to enhance the security features. It is outstanding app that does not require cost to utilize it so you can utilize the new app without any hesitation.

Information About Message Security App Wickr

Securing your message is not a simple process, because it needs some remarkable techniques and specialized features. In order to overcome the drawbacks, the new android apps wickr comes with outstanding security features because it is designed by suing encrypted technology. The fully encrypted service allows you to protect your text messages. It is not only does that, but also has the power to handle effective media messages. If you like to gain the benefit, you should fix certain lifespan for, important as well as all messages that greatly ensuring the privacy features.

Latest Facebook App

It is an ideal choice for user those who love to connect with the famous social network. With this android app, you can chat and browse with your friends or other users in an easier manner. In addition, the new technology app also allows you to gain various settings which present on particular websites. With free of cost, the new app not only keeps your secrecy, but also save your money.

Features Of Circle Of Six

It is an exclusive apps that plays a vital role in the security process because it appears as an effective platform for users who require quick helps in order to avoid certain dangerous situation. If you are using this kind of app, it allows you to receive helps from other users when you are in critical situation. In order to afford the benefits, the new app comes with 2 instant tap that sends effective pre-written messages to 6 of your mobile contacts.

Benefits Of Using Tumblr 

Tumblr is the greatest app that encourages the users to share their discoveries and creations in a quick manner. It is also one of the free android apps, so you can utilize it for the purpose of sharing your innovative ideas with your friends.


Best Android Smartphone Applications for Dating

Critics always seek to talk about how internet, smartphones and its applications are responsible for the disconnect and alienation in the modern society, but technology is really good at connecting people together. Just refer to the dating applications that make connection with people around us in just a swipe on the phone. Some of the best apps for dating that are easy to use, meet-up and hook-up are given below.

Tinder (Android, iOS)

This android app has grabbed a lot of attention with its easy to use and easy set-up feature. All that has to be done is to log-in using your facebook account. Tinder app will upload your name along with your photos, your age and your interests from your profile to make a tinder profile. You can anonymously browse prospective matches near you by swiping right if you are interested in person that you are currently looking at or by swiping left, you can reject them. You can also tap at the profile picture to look any other photos that they have, common interests or mutual friends you have. When you both swiped right, then tinder will make you know that there is a mutual thing as well as offers to allow you send a message and possibly to set up a date. Tinder has got several positive reviews due to its emphasis on reduced emotional initial investment and privacy, as you are only finding out interested people without the difficulty of rejection. Tinder is one the important apps that include android wear support.


Hinge (Android, iOS)

Hinge android app make attempts to avoid the embarrassed randomness of meeting people online by ensuring that it informs you to people whom you share mutual Facebook friends with, cutting the creep factor hopefully and make sure that you get a fine chance of having people with interests and experiences in common. Users log-in using facebook accounts, give their preferences, age and location. Daily at noon, the application will supply you the potential matches. And in fact, as you know common friends, you both are more accountable and less likely to behave like jerks if faced with view of real world blowback from public. The major highlight of hinge android app is keeping things real. The users can meet real people, by their real friends in the real life.


Coffee meets Bagel (iOS)

When you want to meet any interesting or new people without the need to wade through number of profiles as well as invites from casual people, you can consider trying out Coffee meets Bagel. This application will send you Bagel, a curated match which shares mutual friends in facebook that you can then pass or like. When you and your bagel express interests, then the application will connect you both in a private chatroom that enables you both to get to know each other and to plan a date. Other features, like the capability to see your mutual friends can be unlocked by buying a virtual currency known as beans.





Thinking to top up your mobile phones without any cost? Then don’t make any delay, A new app named mCent has arrived in India. Start downloading a free android app mCent and recharge your device freely. This app is very easy to use and this app is considered as the best app for free recharge. In the previous year, more than 6 million people got benefited by this app. Only thing required is installation of an app in your mobile.


How to install ?

Users can install this app on their device by very simplest way. First click on the play store, wait untill it opens and then type mCent on search bar and search it. You will find red colored icon with m symbol. Open it and click install button, mCent asks for some permissions, read it carefully and then click accept button to continue. It takes some time and after it getting installed, notifies as “ mCent Shortcut created ” . Then go back to menu and click the Shortcut of mCent. It is now opened.

How to use it ?

When you are opening mCent for the very first time, the country code codes automatically and then click continue button. To verify, the mCent sends you an access code. If users using that device only means it continues automatically. If verifying with other device, wait for activation until you getting access code. After receiving your code, enter it and continue. As soon as you started, you will earn 10 rupees in mCent.

How to top up ?

As soon as you receive, you can top up your mobile clicking top up button at the top of right side corner. Enter the amount you received and recharge. Daily you can earn and recharge your device by just logging into mCent. Also you can earn amounts by downloading some apps shown on mCent and if you like using it, then share it with friends to earn more. You will find more offers from the top shops like Amazon, OLX etc and the prices also noted there. Install one by one app to get credited. Refer people and win Rs 50 per each reference.


Additional Information :

Some of the Good Offers for installing apps

Download The Quikr app for Rs.15 Talktime, the Flipkart for Rs.12 Talktime, the Paytm for Rs.11 Talktime, WPS Office for Rs.7 Talktime, GoLauncher for Rs.6 Talktime and even more

So do not miss to download the mCent app to enjoy.

Install Instagram and see the new world

Instagram is available in 25 languages and it was designed by Kevin Systrom and Mike krieger released in the year 2010. Within 2012, this instagram became more popular and it reached more than 100 millions of users and over 300 millions of users in 2014 using actively. This is applicable for all android mobiles, iPhones, iPad, iPod touch, nokia devices and the Blackberry 10. Users can get this application from Google play, Apple app store and the Windows phone store.


Instagram is the easiest, funniest, beautiful and the very fastest way to capture and share your great moments to the friends world wide. Users can take photos and videos everyday and share it to your friends and families on any social networking sites like as Facebook, Twitter, Flick, tumblr and more. Photos attaches quickly and even videos, the maximum time for Instagram videos is 15 seconds. Instagram constructs photo to the square shapes which is similar to Kodak Instamatic and the Polaroid images in contrast to the 4:3 ratio feature typically used by mobile device cameras. Users can also able to apply digital filters to their images.

  • Over 300 millions of users using Instagram for Editing photos and videos for without cost and tradition designed filters.
    They can make a better photos using ten newly designed tools to change brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows, highlights and perspectives.
  • Users can also find and follow people based on the photos and accounts shared by them.
  • They can share photos and videos at the fraction of second to all social media networking sites.
  • Connects with the people all over the world whoever using Instagram and stay in touch with them by sharing their photos and the videos
    Can also able to send private photos and video messages straightly to friends.
  • View the world from someone’s eyes by following, not only from the well known people but also from the motivated instagrammers, athletes, celebrities, photographers and the fashion icons. Whenever you are logging into an Instagram, not only you will be able to view the new photos and videos added from your closest friends also the wonderful moments shared by the most creative peoples all across the world.
  • Instagram was awarded as the “ Best locally made app ” and “ App of the year ” in the year 2011. Also Instagram was the runner up for “ Best mobile app ” in 2010.

Instagram Changes Terms Of Service, Stirs Anger Among Users

Install and see the new world with Instagram .


Hike up your life

Connecting with your close friends should be easy.. Right? Hike messenger, is an instant messaging service application for the smart phones with the use of internet for communication. In addition to text message, users can also send stickers and emoticons to express their feelings. They can also send images, videos, audios, files, voice messages, contacts and even location. Only need is wi-fi or a date connection.

hike 1

New features :

Hike introduced two new additional features. A brand new walkie – talkie feature and the ‘last seen’ . In walkie – talkie, users can send voice messages in real- time and whereas in ‘last seen’, users can see friends last seen and they can have an option to choose who sees their ‘last seen’ on the app.

Hike stickers :

Stickers expresses the users expressions more easily and quickly, when communicating with friends when compared to texts and emoticons. Hike updates with new stickers often and during occasions. To send stickers to your friends, just open a conversation and tap on the sticker icon and select the category what you want to send. Then just tap it. It automatically sent to friends.

Status :

Users can update their status now and then with beautiful mood emoticons. It will be visible to your friends automatically.

Messaging :

We send send a simple and fast messages. As soon as you send, it will notify you below your sent message whether the recipient saw and read your message or not. If they didn’t reply, just double tap to nudge your friend. When you are offline, hike stores all your messages and deliver to you whenever you logging into it.

hike 2

Chat themes :

There are several and beautiful chat themes are available in Hike. As soon as you changing the theme for a particular person, it automatically changes the recipients theme also.

Group chat :

Group chats are also available here. You can also find out who all read your messages in group quickly.

Install hike and get connected with your close friends without charge. Enjoy!!!


Moment App helps you to stop the over usage of smart-mobiles

The present trend have been changing a lot then a decade as the people can live without basics but not smart mobiles. Over usage of smart mobile is now turned as a gateway of much problems especially youngsters. This better way for bridging between the relationship even though far away now faded with other activities. Over usage of mobile is also cause a problems to every one’s brain, nerve system and more. Now the intention of people is to reduce the usage of mobile phones. If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to limit your mobile usage, the Moment app will help you.

Previous version of the Moment app focused on alerting smartphone owners to how much time they’ve spent staring at their phone. The Moment app is designed well with interesting features, great tool for those who are in need of limiting their smartphone usage, which was developed by Kevin Holesh. Now its recent update allow each user to track the mobile usage of family members. Let’s see how it worksMoment_-_Track_where_you_go_tfksp6

How it works?

Download the Moment app and install it. Once you installed this app on your mobile, which allow you to access the primary settings. Now you can easily track how often users checked their phone throughout the day. The new updated version of Moment app has much features that supports families more. One of the most important feature is the dinner time mode. With the help of this mode you can easily trace out who are all using mobile even in dinner. For this it creates a alarm, if any one try to use their mobile even under the table Moment is here will let you know by everyone. So no more texting under the table while in a dinner.

Parents wondering How useful it is, now all the parents would be free enough and don’t need to worry about their kids over usage of mobiles. It is really best app for smart mobiles.


Twitter Rolling Out a Mute Feature

Getting irritated with some of your friend’s annoying updates? You dont need to worry about that as the Twitter has brought an interesting mute button to get rid temporarily from annoying or boring tweeters. Twitter is rolling out with enormous strong features, one interesting and innovative feature among them is mute other users to its apps. The main purpose of this feature is to hide the tweets to other users without following them. Muting the other user is not the same as blocking, as it can be said as host between blocking and unfollowing.


What makes this feature more special?

The Mute feature to the apps enable the user to have more control over the content seen on Twitter by removing the content, which has been posted by the other user in your Twitter page. Same time, you dont need to worry about missing your tweets from your beloved users. You can turn on the device notifications, which keep on update you each and every tweets from your favorite users. You can mute tweets and retweets from the users from which you would like to hear less. The interesting part in this mute feature is that if you mute a user, he/she will still be able to favorite, reply and even you can retweet the tweets but the only thing is that you wont see any of that activity in your timeline. The muted user will not know that they are muted by you and obviously with out any doubts you can unmute the user at any time.


Muting a user can be done in a couple of steps. If you wish to mute a user on your iOS or Android device or if you want to mute a particular user on Twitter for web, you can mute @username. To mute someone from his/her profile page, tap the gear icon on the page and choose mute @username. Thats all you are done!

People holding mobile phones are silhouetted against a backdrop projected with the Twitter logo  in Warsaw

New Features to Expect From Twitter

People from all over the world started to use Twitter for their regular update of live events, interest of their choice or to get connect with the friends. In recent times, its been a often talk that the twitter is not improving the design and the funtionalities of its service fast enough. So, the twitter has decided to launch few best updates in terms of new features and products, which can be expected in upcoming few months.

New features for verified users

To improve the twitter experience, it has been updated with the notification filtering, which in turn enable you to manage the large number of conversations at the time. The verified users are offered with three options such as all, filtered and verified so that they can access the related list whatever they want easily and quickly. If the verified user are selecting Filtered option, then they are displayed with the list based on the algorithm and if they select Verified option, they will be displayed with few options from other verified accounts.

In addition, the twitter is rolled out two important features to verified users on the Twitter mobile that definitely play a major role among the other features and enable them to connect with other people much easier. The first feature is the verified user will get alert when another verified user follows them on both the Android and iPhone apps and the also they are given the option to view their verified followers from their own profile on Twitter for iOS.


New apps

Twitter users can expect the update in terms of apps as the Twitter will invest in new apps to enable the users to share short video clips said by Chief Executive Dick Costolo. This would definitely be the great update if they implement it and also Twitter user will find  and enjoy even more interesting features as well.

Private Messaging

Though, Twitter offers well facilitate public messaging feature to the user, it has now stepped in to the private messaging side. This idea of private messages will let the user to send messages and photos to the other user who follow them on twitter. As we all know that the private messaging is completely captivated by Facebook, WhatsApp, Hike and other apps, still Twitter hope to change the usual pattern of chatting and working on it to make much easier in the future.



The most common complaints that Twitter face from its user is that they are not getting to know the good tweets if they are in offline. To overcome this issue, Twitter is featured with the option called while you were away, which is designed in such a manner that it will display the relevent tweets, which might have been missed based on who you follow and what content you generally are interested in.

Twitter is also expected for few more interesting updates such as Instant timeline and Location and some other, which makes the user to await for it.


Share your interesting videos via Vine App

Why it is?

Vine is the best way to share best of videos to your friends. It has wonderfully created a platform to create short, beautiful, looping videos in a fun way for your friends and family to see. Share and see your funny videos to your friends and videos of your friends via Vine. It is a best smartphone app.

What it does?

• Unlimited uploads and free
• Instantly post videos on Vine, then share to Twitter and Facebook (more coming soon!)
• Find, follow, and interact with people close to you
• Explore trending posts, featured hashtags and editor’s picksvine-app
• And so much more


Now it is available on iOS as well as Android, but it requires some basic on each Operating System. For iOS, it is Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. For Android, it varies as based on your device.

Reviews got from users:

Users feel that the Vine really works almost well on the iOS version, but it has some issues such as when scroll to another vine, the previous one keeps playing, obviously this irritates people more. Another major review from user is, it occupies more space on the mobile, probably user facing many crashes, while using it.

The space of Vine on the mobiles keep on increasing of everyday usage, so people really messed up with it. Vine still need much beta test to overcome all.

Apart all, people love to use this new born photo and video sharing app than the other.

Enjoy your life’s most fun filled videos with your friends by sharing with them.