Truedialer App for Android

Usually Android makes you dull, after a month of usage, because of the same theme. You can see the sane over millions of mobile unlike Apple iOS. To avoid the boring usual backdrop of Android, developers developed many launchers and more apps. Now to make your smart phone dialer really smart by using the app Truedialer. The Truedialer replace your old and boring dialer option with many enhanced ways, which is also the quickest and most convenient way to find your contacts.0

The Truedialer enhance the instant access of phonebook, relevant information about people who you call or message, include them in to the quickly on your phonebook. What difference it introduced in this? This is the right question, you mnust ask. It introduced simple and easy to use numeric pad, which help you to figure out the numbers within your phonebook, and beyond your phonebook with Truecaller integration.

Highlights of Truedialer:

 ease of use is the major goal of Truedialer.
 Fast, accurate, unique and more.
 Quick call for calling favorite contacts using T9 search.
 Truecaller search integration allow you to access millions of Contacts through it.
 Simple left swipe to send the message.
 Righ swipe to see the contact informnation.Truedialer-on-Redmi-1S

Use your mobile data or WiFi to search contacts outside the box of your contacts list. Already 85 million users working started with the Truedialer. Now your turn change your old looking dialer option with the unique Truedialer.

Download the Truedialer app and begin to install different dialer option rather than the common, and find out the person, out of your phonebook easily. Get all these wonderful features with the single window that’s the Truedialer App especially for the Android users. But it is also available for windows mobile also. It is nice to hear thanks to Truedialer.


A free POS app from Square

Square register is an app, lets you, to identify a right platform to run your business, initially it was available only among the users in the US, Canada and Japan. But now it is available globally.

The main goal of this square register team is to provide an easily set-up POS system to the business people and along with it some helpful tools that provide analytics to help a business personnel in a better way.square_register_iphone_hero

Square Register software reached the worldwide Android, iPhone and iPad users too, officials added a news with the smile face like “ the register app now reached almost worldwide and it now accepts payment from 130 different currencies, they also added from local sellers to huge sellers using this app.

Let’s see what are the highlights of Square register,

Why it need for business personnel? Now business people can track their sales in real time, by recording payment details whether it may be a cash, card or any kind of payment. Your register will allow you to monitor your sales details of particular day, month or year. It lets you to identify your tax amount easily by an apt spreadsheets.RegisterTSHero

It also takes a keen view over the most hardest part of business that’s the maintaining inventories, now the square register manage your inventory easily, it also intimate, when your product is out of stock. If you bring your stock back you can add this on your register.

You can also check out your account here on any time, from anywhere, register opened a nice platform to know how you doing your business, this software is developed by a industry-standard best practices. So you can improve your business in a right way.

Get the feed backs from your receipts, which would help you to improve your business more.

Lead your business in a right way by the Square Register software.