Hide your secrets- APP Lock

Smart mobiles, people love to hold this, anywhere, everywhere even around the clock. Over it people doing more like banking, bill payment, recharge, money transferring, online purchase and more. So users obviously need more security. Now you may ask, usually all the smart mobiles offering different types of security such as patterns, password and more. Is it enough to secure your secrets.

Obviously not enough, because over the mobile we are not only doing these things. Apart from these things photos sharing, personal photos, videos, voice recordings, personal notes and more. So you might need a lock for your personal apps on your mobile. For this the new awesome APP lock was created. This app lock is the right platform, to create a security for your apps.App-Lock1

How it create security for your apps?

First download your apps lock app under your play store and then install it. Now open the app, it will lead you to the screen, where you can find all the installed apps on your device. You can create a lock for all app or whatever app you want to keep under secured roof.

While your installation it ask a password from you. This password is the key to open apps under the APP lock world. Now save your personal data on your smart mobile and don’t worry about it the great and efficient App lock is here for you.



Dark Sky for iPhone and iPad

Dark Sky is a customizable weather app, for the iOS users. The Dark Sky offers the weather status both 24-hour and 7-day forecasts. Let’s see how this app became one of the better weather applications on iOS.

The Dark Sky predict when it will rain or snow, of the particular region with the most beautiful weather visualizations you’ve ever seen. The Dark Sky team working efficiently, to offer this app to the Android as well as windows phone users. At present the Dark Sky app only avail for the iPhone users.3007545-poster-weather

The Dark sky only works in the United States and also includes Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico and the British Isles. Signed in with the Dark Sky and it will tell you the weather report completely with the Beautiful Maps. It created the weather pattern evolve globally, which looks stunning with smooth map simulations. For example, it would allow you to know weather details and tell you like Light rain starting in 20 min and along with this message it includes a graph of what that future rain pattern will look like in terms of how light or heavy.

The Dark sky allow you to create your own personal weather station, to get the details weather conditions regularly. You might also get in touch with the your weather station all the time. It explains the current conditions such as where you’re standing, wind speed and direction, humidity, pressure and visibility.8-bit-radar

Though you didn’t enter app, the Dark Sky will deliver precise alerts about the rain or snow,wherever you are. The Dark Sky team call it as a Down-To-The-Minute Notifications. So it won’t allow you to stuck up in to any sudden rains or storms, even if you haven’t opened the app in days.

Best iOS app than any other, significantly for weather forecasting in an efficient way.