Welcome the new launchers-Zero Launcher and Finger Gesture Launcher

We have already seen few Launcher reviews, here this review will reveal the features of newly launched launchers Zero and Finger Gesture Launcher. Let’s begin with the Zero Launcher.

The Zero Launcher is the smallest, fastest, perfect launcher for your Android. This launcher is your perfect choice of your home screen and allow you to improve efficiency of your smartmobile. Here a list of features of Zero Launcher.

Small 3D engine with ultimate 3D effects.
Launches Zero Launcher with 0.2 seconds Compared with GO Launcher EX, Next Launcher 3D Shell, Nova Launcher, Google Now Launcher.
Free premium launcher themes and wallpapers that perfect for SAMSUNG GALAXY series, GALAXY NOTE series, GOOGLE NEXUS series, HTC and more.

Really it is easy to switch theme styles Android L and offers best experience to you.

Next new born launcher is Finger Gesture Launcher, which is a very useful app. Let’s see how it is useful to you. If you are a person using several applications at once, such as chatting with someone while surfing the internet or having a conversation on Facebook while writing with someone else on Whatsapp.Finger-Gesture-Launcher

The Finger creates shortcuts for you. It allows you to jump from one app to another by simply draw the gesture on the screen with a finger. It offers the ability to make calls, opening websites in your browser, change system settings, simulate the home button or lock the screen among others. Access all these features by simply drawing a gesture on the screen with your finger.

Choose the right one and experience the unique


Replace your Launcher by New Blur

Are you bored off watching the same home screen on your Android smartmobile? Get rid from this and step in to the unique experience by launching Launchers on your Android smartmobile. Launchers brings the most innovative and unique experience on Android smart phones. Let’s try out the new Launcher Blur that replaces your Normal Launcher.

This new Blur Launcher designed by Klinker Apps Inc, which is a custom launcher. It offers most innovative and unique experience on Android. With this launcher, any developer can go in and create a page for their app that can be displayed right on your home screen and get this app just a swipe away.

It may remember the Google Now Launcher, but instead of being limited to just Google Now on the side, you can use any app with a supported Page. Apart this, it created pages for our newest apps such as EvolveSMS and Talon for Twitter. We also have a Info Page as Google Now style that other developers can create custom cards for.

To apply pages to your launcher, just do a long click an empty space on the home screen and then press settings. Now go to the page picker, and just hit the add button on an open page. If you wan to add other pages do the left and right swipe .

To apply info cards to the Info Page, Go to the settings again and click the card picker button and then press the add card button and it will bring a list of all the available cards.

Apart page and card settings that offers other feature too,
– Custom icon pack support
– Simple gesture support
– Dock toggle and options
– Icon scales
– Scroll effects
– Font options
– “Android L” style option
– Search bar toggle
– Grid size selection
– And many more!
– “Ok Google”
– Unread counts
– Ability to edit icon names and select icons individually
– Move, delete, and create “All Apps” buttons
– Hide apps
– Lock the homescreen
– Adjust orientation
– Resize any widgets

Try it now and feel the unique!


Instagram new updates

Four year born baby Instagram, is a fast, beautiful and fun way to share happy moments with friends and family. Instagram is an awesome app for photo and video editing and sharing social media. This powerful tool now dominating the twitter with 300 millions of users. Few years past Twitter and Facebook are the major social media in the world now the Instagram changed this perception.

Instagram is available for the Android as well iOS devices, so sharing photos and videos is easy to every one. You just take a picture or video. If you want to transform your photo look and feel add a filter. Apart sharing you can also follow your friends post by clicking single button.

When you enter in Instagram every time you can see the new photos and videos of your friends. Let’s see the features of the Instagram,instamain

Features of the Instagram:
• Linear and Radial Tilt-Shift blur effects for extra depth of field
• Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare
• Unlimited uploads
• Send photos and videos directly to friends
• Interact with friends through giving and receiving likes and comments

Now the Instagram is one of the fastest growing photo and video sharing app, it recently chased the twitter’s user count and won it with 300 million active users but the Twitter has 284 millions of active users only.

Apart this Instagram introduced new five filter concept that really enhance the way of photo sharing. It also includes that, everyone can modify or rearrange their filters order in the tray and hide the filters that you are not using frequently.

Let’s join with the best smartphone app Instagram and enjoy your sharing photos and videos between your Friends, family and to everyone.