Great Ways to Market a Mall Pop Up Stall

Pop up stalls have been around for a while already, but many online-only retailers are still a bit shy about going offline in the search for new customers, due to all of the costs that they assume must come with the business. The fact is, yes it is going to cost you some money, but it is also much cheaper than having a permanent retail location, and you have to spend money to make money. Hopefully these marketing ideas will help ease the minds of those skeptical internet retailers who haven’t taken the plunge yet.

1. Social Media

This method should be obvious and fairly self-explanatory, and is particularly useful for businesses that have already built a loyal, and hopefully local, fan base online. By using social media, your followers can actually follow you in the real world as you pop up in different places in the surrounding towns and malls.

2. Go Local

So, we know that social media is great for connecting to people all around the world, but when you’re trying to market a pop up stall you need more local eyeballs. You could try to find out where your local potential customers are gathering online to discuss products like yours, or you could push yourself even further in to the offline world and go to a farmer’s market or similar event. If you plan on sticking around in the same general area for a reasonable amount of time it may be worth the time to get involved in the community.

3. Piggyback Marketing

What’s better than having a successful marketing campaign? Having someone else do it for you, of course. Piggyback off the marketing that another business does, by making a deal to sell your goods inside of their already established location; a store inside a store.

Start by approaching small local businesses that sell similar, but not competing, goods to what you intend to sell. Ask the owner if they would consider letting you set up shop inside of their space, in return for a cut of the profit of course. You may be surprised at how many store owners will gladly take this opportunity to pay off a chunk of their rent by letting you stay for a while.

4. Be Cool

Word of mouth is still one of the greatest sources of free marketing that you could hope to get. When you have a mall pop up stall you already have the initial foot traffic, and that’s more than half the battle right there, but the key is to take advantage of that and make those people want to tell everyone else about you and your products.

When someone tells a friend about your stall, and then that friend tells a friend and so on, it’s better than a thousand followers on Twitter or Instagram because most of them will never have a chance to get to your physical location.

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Guide To Buy Residential Properties In Bangalore

At present people are eager to make an investment with the residential properties in Bangalore because Bangalore is the best places. It is the well suitable city for the business people, for this reason most of the business people choose Bangalore to develop their business, it is one of the developing city so it brings more opportunity,  its growing infrastructure also attracts the people. Bangalore has well reputed companies it offers more job opportunities to the people.  Bangalore is the ideal place for your business, which gives more options to the business people.

  1. Range Of Residential Properties:

Bangalore has great transport facilities so people can able to access transport at their comfortable time.   While choosing the properties people are also considering its future value. It is one of the major things, every person like to get huge returns through the real estate properties for this they looking to choose the properties in the well developed area. It not only improves the future returns it is the appropriate choices to get all the facilities.  Bangalore is the place for business industries, shopping malls, etc. so here people can able to get a great shopping experience.  Besides the real estate, properties come with world class facilities it will change your lifestyle.   At the same time, it adds value to your life, so before purchase the properties you may consider the important aspects about the properties.  Buying a suitable property is one of the factors to reflect your lifestyle so you need to pay more attention in the property selection.  To make the safety investment you should refer the property investment tips, which help to reduce the hassles.   Before buying the properties you should understand your needs based on your requirements, you may search the properties, to get best result take the online support. Online has a separate list about the luxury properties, rather than this helps to pick the right kind of property based on your budget.  Budget is one of the important factors to get the properties in Bangalore, because the Bangalore properties get huge demands among the people because Bangalore is one of the popular industrial cities. Moreover, people are interested to buy the property in bangalore to make many effective changes in their life.


2. Affordable Properties In Bangalore:

If you get residential units in Bangalore, it completely makes effective changes in your life.  In Bangalore, people able to get the apartments as well as free independent homes.  The cost of the residential units also varied based on the facilities, so people able to get the properties depend upon their budget.   Before buying the property in bangalore, you also consider your family needs.  There are different ranges of residential units available in Bangalore at reasonable rates, to get the most suitable property you should log on the online site, and it is the unique way to spot the affordable property.  To reduce the complexities most of the people choosing this option, with the help of online people are able to book the appropriate properties within your home itself. Hence, try to get the properties through online it is the cost effective way to buy the properties.  If you face any difficulties you may take the expert support they provides guidelines to reduce the risk factors.


asus zenbook-may18

ZenBook UX305F – truly Ultra

Basically an ultrabook is designed in a perfect manner that endures in bulk processes compromising less battery life. They use very low power processors, solid state drivers and a uni-body chasis to help meet these criteria. Due to its limited size they normally omit many features found in other laptops of the same generation. Now think of an ultrabook at an unimaginable price with tons of features that make it more promising than the all-time Apple’s MacBook Air 11. Well its true, the ZenBook UX305F has fulfilled in every manner what we want in an ultrabook at a cheaper price. It truly is one of the laptops in the world that truly defies conventional wisdom on build, quality, specs and price. Let’s get started in knowing more about this awesome piece of equipment now.

The first very attractive part of the zenbook is its price, in spite of the fact that it is a hi-power packed ultrabook. Believe it or not it actually cost you only $699, shocked?? so was i…For something that offers immense features with a solid crafted body that’s so thin hoe do they fit it under the price tag of 700$. For the record I truly believed that they might have tweaked in low specs on the inside and thus the price. But what’s on the inside of the zenbook is what amazed me even more.

As I did mention about its sleek body it actually is made of not plastic but.5mm of thick aluminum. Its thickness is the most shocking news of all time; Apple’s MacBook Air 11 is 16.8mm. The Asus? 13mm. It’s so far been the thinnest ultrabook ever made. Its processor is Intel’s low-wattage Core M 5Y10 CPU that is locked down to consume a third of the power of a core i5 or i7. Thus assuring you no problems of heat, the zenbook is launched as a true fanless laptop that sounds as silent as the wind. Heat is controlled not only by this factor but also the use of chromium copper alloys keeps the internals of the laptop from overheating. It is cleverly designed to stay icecool.

It’s better that the regular atom/Celeron and Pentium performance but is no match to the full-tilt core i5 chip that use three times its power. Hence you can’t expect graphics at its best performance which stays as one of the drawbacks of the zenbook. With its 45-watt-hour batterythe Zenbook lasted a healthy 638 minutes. When it comes to the storage part Asus actually surprises with a 256GB M.2 SATA SSD and a 4 GB of RAM. Getting back to its physical part it has a display of 13.3 inch and uses a 1920×1080 resolution IPS screen and an anti-reflective coating. Offering three usb ports a multi card reader port and an Ethernet cable port the zenbook is the true ultra in an ultrabook. Hence to conclude if an ultrabook costs only 699$ why do the other brands offer less features and charge more… Maybe it’s because it isn’t an ultrabook and it’s a zenbook or that the others are overcharging you.


wireless charging

Wireless charging – the working principle behind it

Just as humanity got a hang of using the microUSB to charge anything and everything, the stakes for a new and innovative product came along. That Product is the wireless charging. To start off with the basics, it uses the concept of electromagnetic induction to transmit power from a source pad to the batteries in phone through mid-air.

Digging in deeper towards its actual workflow, I am sure you would remember Nikola tesla the great scientist who started the idea of wireless transmission back in 1893. He stated that you could transfer power between two objects via an electromagnetic field, well here’s our first clue. And the ideology behind electromagnetic induction is using a loop of coiled wires around a bar magnet. And when an electric current passes through the coiled wire, it creates an electromagnetic field around the magnet, which can then be used to transfer a voltage, or charge, to something nearby.

And today’s modern technology has paved way in its contribution to size reduction and hence wireless charging was made possible. You get a pad on top of which you place your mobile for it to charge, herer the pad contains a small bar magnet that is looped around with very thin coiled wires over and over. This acts as an electromagnetic inductor thus allowing power to be transmitted to a nearby device.

The smartest move of our developers would be installing tiny transmitters that communicate with small receivers in a device, such as a phone – the Qi wireless charging technology. This allows you to use wireless charging platforms to only those devices having qi enabled in them.

But wireless power may soon extend to many more applications as technology improves, it may even be possible to charge bigger and more power-hungry devices in the future.


Crafted in its own perfection LG G4

A sneak peek into the LG G4

The most awaited phone of 2015 that would actually stand tall among the Samsung s6 and the apple iphone6 is yet to fall in the hands of humanity. Yes, it’s the LG G4……. Crafted in its own perfection and leathered up in a unique way the G4 has a bold gesture among all the other smartphones of 2015.

The design of the G4 is simply a classic, body forged in lead and wrapped in a tough leather back is where LG has met with the fashionable gadgets of today. What they’ve done on the outside is splendid but when you hear to what they have in store for us on the inside is what’s gonna put a huge smile on your face.

The G4 has been packed with the hi-end features of today in every aspect. It sizes to about 5.5 inches IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen.

The processor within the G4 would be a Dual-core 1.82 GHz Cortex-A57 & quad-core 1.44 GHz Cortex-A53.

It has an inbuilt memory of about 32GB and contains a card slot that supports upto 128GB.

The device is supported with 3 GB of ram hence there’s no chances for load time lags.

lg g4

LG has focused in delivering an awesome cam with its G4;it’s packed with 16 MP, 5312 x 2988 pixels, laser autofocus, optical image stabilization and LED flash. And the front cam would be an 8 MP with 1080p@30fps. Now these would surely match up against a heavy DSLR.LG G4 goes as far as shooting in JPEG and RAW, which allows for the post-process editing that professional camera consumers need.

Now how can such a highly powered device as such have a stable battery that might last for a day, that’s where LG has announced its innovative negative LCD screen technology. The device has the option of removing the battery and is provided with a 3000mAh battery. Thus a promising power source of 1 day with all features enabled is guaranteed.

LG’s tagline for the LG G4 is “See the great, feel the great” and it certainly has lived up to that motto by making a well-designed leather-backed smartphone that’s stunning.