SMS and Call Log Backup for Android

Backup is the most important one, in this digital world, to work same as before. While you are buying a new mobile or you may going to give your mobile for the service that time the word backup is vital for you. Taking Backup on your PC is the simplest task, but backup of your mobile is too hard, if you are not using the SMS and Call Log Backup app.sms_backup1

The SMS and Call Log Backup allow you to take a backup of messages and call logs easily and restore it over the Dropbox, Google Drive or external phone storage. This is the right app to take a backup of your sms and call log, totally free of cost. It creates a new file from selected storage; it may be Dropbox, Google Drive or your Phone’s external storage and then begin to keep everything in to the new file from your mobile.

If you take a backup without zip your phone external storage will not enough to place it. So it creates everything in XML Format and archived to a zip file to minimize the space. Another reason makes your backup easy as possible that’s backup format is independent of the Android, so the messages and call logs can be easily moved from one phone to another.Step-2

While restore you may feel some of the contact list is not need, that time you can easily search contact name, phone number or sms over it. It also allows you to do the quick search over it. After your complete search you can transfer group of contacts or whichever contacts you want from that list.

So it is absolutely free to use and easy to use also, try out the SMS and Call Log Backup for Android app.


Nova Launcher for Android

Make your Android screen unique with the launchers, especially the great Nova launcher is the recently launched launcher for Android home screen. It is powerful and customizable launcher for your Android mobile. Nova launcher allows your usual Android home screen with unique themes, colors, layouts, animations and more.maxresdefault

It offers much awesome features such as,

• Color Theme – it allow you to set the color for the launcher and also color for individual labels, folders, unread count badges, drawer tabs and more.
• Icon Themes – Over the Play Store you can find the thousands of icon themes for Nova Launcher such as Sphere Theme HD, Puntada Theme Free, Legacy Neon Theme, Colors Reborn Theme, Touch Theme, LC Purple Theme Apex-Go-Nova and Coconut Theme.colorcircle
• Subgrid positioning – Nova Launcher Orange_ICSallows you to snap icons or widgets half way through the desktop grid cells
• Customize App Drawer – Custom tabs, Vertical or Horizontal scrolling, custom effects
• Infinite scroll – Each and every page is your choice so scroll easily even if you have infinite pages.
• Backup/Restore – it allowing you to backup your desktop items easily without any difficulties.
• Scrollable Dock – Create multiple docks and scroll between them
• Widgets in dock – Place any widget in your dock.
• Fast – Nova Launcher is fast as you know, because it allow you to do all, by the fast move of your fingers an d allow you to feel the sophistication of it.

What Nova Launcher does for its Prime user?

If you are a prime user the following things is available for you.
• Gestures – Now open apps and all on your home screen it simple with the gestures like swipe, pinch, double tap and more.
• Unread Counts – Get the Unread count badges for Hangouts, SMS, Gmail and more, so you never have a chance to miss a message.
• Custom Drawer Groups – Create new tabs or folders in the app drawer.
• More scroll effects – Such as Wipe, Accordion, and Throw.

So why you are waiting, download it now and feel the difference over your android screen.


Truedialer App for Android

Usually Android makes you dull, after a month of usage, because of the same theme. You can see the sane over millions of mobile unlike Apple iOS. To avoid the boring usual backdrop of Android, developers developed many launchers and more apps. Now to make your smart phone dialer really smart by using the app Truedialer. The Truedialer replace your old and boring dialer option with many enhanced ways, which is also the quickest and most convenient way to find your contacts.0

The Truedialer enhance the instant access of phonebook, relevant information about people who you call or message, include them in to the quickly on your phonebook. What difference it introduced in this? This is the right question, you mnust ask. It introduced simple and easy to use numeric pad, which help you to figure out the numbers within your phonebook, and beyond your phonebook with Truecaller integration.

Highlights of Truedialer:

 ease of use is the major goal of Truedialer.
 Fast, accurate, unique and more.
 Quick call for calling favorite contacts using T9 search.
 Truecaller search integration allow you to access millions of Contacts through it.
 Simple left swipe to send the message.
 Righ swipe to see the contact informnation.Truedialer-on-Redmi-1S

Use your mobile data or WiFi to search contacts outside the box of your contacts list. Already 85 million users working started with the Truedialer. Now your turn change your old looking dialer option with the unique Truedialer.

Download the Truedialer app and begin to install different dialer option rather than the common, and find out the person, out of your phonebook easily. Get all these wonderful features with the single window that’s the Truedialer App especially for the Android users. But it is also available for windows mobile also. It is nice to hear thanks to Truedialer.


A free POS app from Square

Square register is an app, lets you, to identify a right platform to run your business, initially it was available only among the users in the US, Canada and Japan. But now it is available globally.

The main goal of this square register team is to provide an easily set-up POS system to the business people and along with it some helpful tools that provide analytics to help a business personnel in a better way.square_register_iphone_hero

Square Register software reached the worldwide Android, iPhone and iPad users too, officials added a news with the smile face like “ the register app now reached almost worldwide and it now accepts payment from 130 different currencies, they also added from local sellers to huge sellers using this app.

Let’s see what are the highlights of Square register,

Why it need for business personnel? Now business people can track their sales in real time, by recording payment details whether it may be a cash, card or any kind of payment. Your register will allow you to monitor your sales details of particular day, month or year. It lets you to identify your tax amount easily by an apt spreadsheets.RegisterTSHero

It also takes a keen view over the most hardest part of business that’s the maintaining inventories, now the square register manage your inventory easily, it also intimate, when your product is out of stock. If you bring your stock back you can add this on your register.

You can also check out your account here on any time, from anywhere, register opened a nice platform to know how you doing your business, this software is developed by a industry-standard best practices. So you can improve your business in a right way.

Get the feed backs from your receipts, which would help you to improve your business more.

Lead your business in a right way by the Square Register software.


Free Language Learning Tool – DuoLingo

Learning new language is the utmost difficult task, when it comes to the online. To attain this, over the market you can find much tools, many great language learning programs and apps available. Among the clusters of language learning programs, somewhat works good for some people and some might not work for others. Here an awesome Free Language Learning Tool available, in the name of DuoLingo.duolingo1

Duolingo is a free language learning tool and a good text translation platform. It is available publicly and offering 5 language courses to English speakers and variety of language courses such as Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and many more.

How Does It Work?

Select your language, which you want to learn and then choose your level on Duolingo After launched a right platform, begin to learn. The Duolingo offers different level of learning such as beginning, intermediate and hard. See what level you might best fit in.

Learn the fundamentals of language, which you like to learn. The fundamentals include vocabulary in stages, such as the present tense, animals, food, plurals, possessive, clothing, conjunctions, etc. Within each of these levels, you would have different exercises.

Further increase your level of learning like the phrases you practice in the lessons, each lesson is composed of 4 types of exercises. So learn your language thoroughly by Duolingo.duolingo

Great Highlights:
• Overall overview of Duolingo app is free and efficient to use.
• It is easy to use on phone, tablet and pc.
• Nice platform between translation, listening, matching, and speaking exercises.
• When you’re in the bus, train, plane, or waiting for something you can use the speaking exercises.
• If you are in public places you can use the speaking exercises.
• User friendly UI.

As a user, I share my points to you, regards language learning in Duolingo. I started this Duolingo to learn German; initially I set hard part of it, it means per day I have to complete 5 lessons. Really it is the worthy and easy too.


Zoosk- Online Dating Site and App

Zoosk is an online dating site, registered with millions of users, from more than 80 countries. It is the right platform where you can find out your perfect match. Zoosk created in a smart way to identify your right one among 27 million singles across the world. It is not a usual dating sites with general fill outs, it is the perfect place where find out your behavioral vice. It is easy to use because it is available in more than 25 languages.Zoosk












How Zoosk works?

Sign in your account on Zoosk or create a new one right now! Then fill out your profile within 10 to 15 seconds, with your unique qualities even though it is bad enough or good too. Don’t hesitate; it is completely available on phone, tablet, pc and Facebook also. After completed your profile a pop-up welcome message appears in front of you, and it would ask you to download the proprietary chat program if you like to chat with Zooskers around the world. If you don’t need this you can neglect it. Also check out the Pandora music app review:

Most of the members like to show off their age, general location, profile name and a picture, apart from these topics nothing have listed. Zoosk allow you to search whatever may be your criteria like search radius of 100 kilometers from by location and men 3 years younger than me or ten years older than me. Apart from these features, there is not much more to explain, I think that’s y Zoosk reached worldwide easily.mzl.yovlcjix.1024x1024-65















One of the must know unique feature is coins, Zoosk coins offer you to lift up your profile to the top list, so obviously your profile gets more attention among all. Next important feature which makes you to indulge yourself, in to the Zoosk, you can use it like Facebook. If you found your friend over here, you can chat with them.

This is really a nice platform to meet your right one.



Prefect iOS Task Manager-Taasky

Looking for a prefect task manager on your iOS platform? Nice app Taasky is here for people who want to schedule their task regularly. The Taasky app is simple and easy to use, significantly developed app for the iOS users. Taasky creates a friendly nature among the users with very beautiful UI, animations, Gestures, unique features and visually appealing design.Taasky_01

Highlighted Features:

1. Focus on priority task:

Human can focus, only one thing among the cluster at a time. This is the universal truth and a scientific fact too, that’s why, Taasky highlighted a concept, priority among all task by Focus on priority feature.

2. Get rid from confusion:

Usually filtering is the nice concept, to opt the right one easily; similarly the Taasky offers categories which can filter your tasks in a very simple manner. It is better but how it avoids chaos? To attain this, Taasky coded own color for every category.

3. Award-winning design:

Taasky proud to introduce, your better task manager along with the Award-winning design, which supports user friendly UI, fast control, ease of use, completely revamped effects and more.


Taasky requires iOS 6.1 version OS or higher version of iOS, which is Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and Available under iTunes.

How to use:

Over the Taasky screen, find the plus sign at the top-right menu; just tap over it to add a task, now your text field will appear, type your task name and assign a date and time for this particular task. There are four default color-coded lists to file tasks in: home, work, friends, shopping list. You can also create your own custom lists. Add a star to show the priority task among the list. You can enable iCloud synchronization to sync your entire tasks between Mac and iPhone and even you can share your task among your friends through Twitter, Facebook, AirDrop, Messages, Email or Reading List.Taasky_02

Taasky, really a better task manager, makes your task easy and on time.



Pandora App Discover Your Favorite Music List

Best stress relief factor is listening music, this is inevitable true, but this may disappoint if you are miss to prefer your favourite songs. Here Pandora app is significantly developed for people those who are looking same. The free Pandora app is a personalized internet music gallery, which simply allows you to discover your favourite music list effortlessly and endlessly too. What is personalized internet music gallery? Pandora app will create a personalized internet music gallery by simply entering your favourite artist, track, comedian or genre and that plays your favourites.betterpandora

Powerful Pandora app spent almost more than the 10 years to store century of popular songs, recent launch, well known, obscure and old. So your single tap would lead you, to your world on the desktop. Create personalized internet music gallery, up to 100 radio stations with your free account. Pandora is always free but you can find pay option for additional features (Pandora One).

To enjoy all these, you need to create an Pandora account, which is available on Android, iOS, on the web, windows 8, social, desktop, auto, business and home. Now you can get more unique additional features on Android, iOS and windows 8 mobiles.


General Features of Pandora app:

• opt your right station among 500 genre stations which fits your favourites list.
• Enhance your personalized internet music gallery by adding variety and rename your stations.
• Easy to play your past played tracks by simple Thumb up or thumb down options.
• Never stop your music thirst and get full song lyrics, artist biographies and discographies.
• Know more about your favourite music with track feature highlights.
• Explore the new third pane without interrupting your music by swipe.
• Fill your personalized internet music gallery easily by finding similar artists and tracks which you love more.
• If you are a iPhone user purchase your favourite songs directly from iTunes.

Get start your own Pandora account and begin to enjoy your world with your favourites.